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How To Spot a Market Peak

March 28, 2014

Tweet How to spot market peaks using Advance/Decline ratio (ADR)? ADR is a market breath indicator showing the number of stocks closing higher vs the number of stocks closing lower over certain period of time.The interpretation of this ratio is quite simple – the higher it is, the more advancing stocks there are, the more […]

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Timing a Bear Market

March 27, 2014

Tweet Fibonacci numbers application in the financial markets provide interesting results. Here in this post I am going to share with you extremely interesting method for timing the markets. It is based on the Fibonacci numbers applied for the time scale unlike its traditional use for the value scale of an asset chart. I am […]

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Why You Should Be Worried About This Bull Market?

March 26, 2014

Tweet Markets (S&P500) registered over 170% on the fifth year of its birth. Now the excitement is still on track as we are close to the all time highs but there are some facts to be considered before blindly jumping on the tide. Many analysts and advisers suggest cautious and selective investment in that phase […]

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S&P Wave & Cycle Analysis 2009-2014

February 4, 2014

Tweet In the post “Market prediction 2009-2014” published 17 months ago on I pointed out the possibility of S&P reaching the 1650 target. As we all see the target has been surpassed. Here I update the analysis with in dept detailed wave counting and projections.  How did I set this target more than year […]

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Stock Market Cycle And Market Peak Projecting (1982-2014)

February 4, 2014

Tweet Here in this post I would like to show the accuracy of the target setting technique using Elliot waves and Fibo retracements.  It was described in earlier posts so here I will make back testing of the method. As it appears market peaks could be easily spotted by projecting Elliot waves 1 and 3 using […]

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Google Set To Outperform

October 18, 2013

Tweet After yesterday earnings report the GOOG shares trade +8% after market. That, on fundamental side, is solid proof for good company performance and strong investor sentiment. Moreover, on the technical side the picture is further supporting that perception. Based on the seasonal pattern GOOG has just started new bull leg, which usually lasts between […]

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Gold’s New Cycle

April 15, 2013

Tweet In post published month ago I mentioned the short term bear outlook for the gold. The drop to the $1550’s was somehow expected, however the developments from the last week, which led to current sell-off of the precious metal, raise some questions.  On 10th of April, 2013 in Bloomberg following article was published: “Goldman […]

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Gold In Multi-year Consolidation

February 19, 2013

Tweet Last six months showed mostly red bars for the precious metal. Current downtrend, however, is part of the broader triangle consolidation started September 2011 which is now slowly moving into parallel one, as seen on the chart. After formed two tops and two bottoms since Oct 2012 gold is moving like snake in a tunnel on […]

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NASDAQ Target Stays Intact

February 15, 2013

Tweet Three months ago in post “NASDAQ Summer Consolidation Close To An End” I pointed out market reversal point based on several technical signals. That included seasonally repeated pattern, MACD divergence, Darvas Box buy signal. Now market is moving north just in line with my expectations. Apple’s weakness appears to be threat for the market […]

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Are We Close To The Market Peak?

February 8, 2013

Tweet Markets reached multi year highs and many investors are now starting to ask the question are we falling into a correction. To answer it I am going to use one old and forgotten trading method – The Darvas Box. Nicolas Darvas was professional dancer in the late 1950’s who traded in his spare time […]

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